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Trace Elements

A house is like a cloud chamber. Long occupied, it is an manifestation, even an apparition, of the resident minds. In it are traces of events and memories, undefined by language, made visible and recordable via its surfaces and objects.


Scientists look at oscilloscope patterns for traces of the presence or absence of particular elements, or at radio telescope recordings seeking hints of invisible stars or planets. In this house I see traces of minds, even actual brains, signs of the inhabitants who dwelt within. Residues embody histories and reveal a structure, a sedimentation of changes, compressed and crystallized by the camera.


Enter this planetarium of the mind, identify and name constellations, find traces of household gods, sense ancestry permeating every detail, project upon the clues… They belong to those who came and went before the signs had disappeared.

Casebound Edition of 18  [click here to view]

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