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Product Placement

“The daily encounter with reality, with the fictions and substitutes, the ambiguous, poetic, or alienating aspects, seems to deny any way out of the labyrinth, whose walls are always so illusory that we might confuse ourselves with them.”                                                                                                                                                                                  - Luigi Ghirri


The profusion of advertising images that inhabit our daily environment provide evidence of an alternate world, an anti-sphere which is an uncanny product of our culture’s collective fantasy. They are constructed, either on set or in the computer, to create an illusory nature for the camera (or virtual camera). Released into the wild, so to speak, and then recaptured by my camera, these images combine to manifest a second-order signification, a collision of real and imaginary signs.


The simultaneous encounter, a subsurface turbulent fantasy and a surface eccentricity “outed” by the frame, reveals the multifarious weirdness of our over-imaged world.

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